Prevention Australia’s 2024 Hair Award winners were announced this week, and QV Nourishing Conditioner was named the Best Gentle Conditioner in the Everyday Essentials category.

The Prevention Australia Hair Awards annually test hundreds of hair care products and consult with industry experts to create a credible guide of the best hair products. This year’s judges included:

  • Sue Caires - Hairstylist and educator at award-winning salon Cabelo Culture, Sydney
  • Cecily-Anna Bennett - Prevention beauty editor and expert in products that make a difference
  • Niyati Sharma - Medical advisor and dermatologist for online health platforms Mosh and Moshy

QV Nourishing Conditioner helps to hydrate dry hair and scalps and is designed to boost moisture and smooth hair for a beautiful, soft finish.  

Congratulations to QV on being crowned a Prevention Australia Hair Award winner for 2024!

Learn more about the QV Hair range here.