Ego Pharmaceuticals’ Managing Director, Alan Oppenheim, has been featured on the ConverSAYtions Podcast, where he speaks with Russel Howcroft about Ego’s history as well as the skincare and manufacturing industries in Australia.

Alan discusses how his parents started the company back in 1953, its expansion over the last 70 years, the history behind Ego’s various products and brands, and why he wants Ego to remain Australian family owned and made.

The ConverSAYtions Podcast is the brainchild of The Sayers Group, and features guests who are great business people, thought leaders, innovators and experts in their field. The Podcast is hosted by 3AW breakfast host Russel Howcroft, and it focuses on sharing career journeys and insights of particular fields and positions.

Click here to listen to Alan Oppenheim speaking with Russel Howcroft on the ConverSAYtions Podcast.