The Science Of Eczema Management

First-line management common to all severities of eczema includes the use of short-term topical corticosteroids to control flare ups, combined with the long-term use of moisturisers or emollients to relieve symptoms and maintain the skin barrier. [1]

Research has shown that together, we can achieve up to 4 x better clinical outcomes when topical corticosteroids and emollients are used in combination to manage eczema. By adding an emollient to active treatment, eczema severity is reduced and may led to fewer flares. [2]

With Ego’s extensive history since 1953 and portfolio of topical corticosteroids and emollients, our mission is to improve consumers’ skin quality and work towards delivering better long-term clinical outcomes for your eczema patients. 

  • Our Plan
    Each eczema plan should aim to TREAT inflammation with the most appropriate strength topical corticosteroid and MAINTAIN the skin barrier with emollient cleansers and moisturisers. Discover Ego’s Management Action Plan today.
    Ego produces over 150 different products across well known brands like QV Skincare, Aqium and SunSense.
  • Eczema 101
    As one of the most commonly diagnosed inflammatory skin diseases known to affect 1 in 5 Australian families [3], get the 101 on eczema with access to Ego’s science and knowledge.
    Access HCP information on Ego's products and research to further knowledge and improve patient outcomes.
  • Our Resources
    We know managing eczema can be difficult, confusing and emotionally challenging. Access patient tools and videos to share with your patients and help them understand how to make the right decision to care for their eczema affected skin.
    We know through science we can improve skin health and we can also improve the future for the planet.