Parents urged to seek natural, clinically proven treatments in the fight against head lice

August 11, 2016
  • A recent study out of the US has shown that head lice are continuing to become more resistant to common pesticide based head lice products1.
  • Australia has its own range of clinically proven natural head lice treatments that head lice do not build up resistance to.
  • The MOOV range of head lice products was developed by leading dermatological company Ego Pharmaceuticals assisted by a government grant to help fund the research and development of the natural range of head lice products.

After a recent study from the US indicated that head lice are showing signs of resistance to pesticide based head lice products, Australian made and owned pharmaceutical company are reinforcing that natural head lice products have been shown to be more effective. Head lice and nits, the eggs of head lice, are a common ailment among families with young children.

Ego Pharmaceutical’s Scientific Affairs Manager Dr Kerryn Greive PhD, who led the company’s own research into the effectiveness of common head lice treatments, says their own herbal-based MOOV Head Lice Solution was twice as effective.

“International studies have shown that while pesticides were once effective, their residual nature and misapplication has led to a dramatic resistance in head lice populations globally,” Dr Greive says.

“The chemicals can remain in the hair for many days after application and these persistent low levels allow for the selection and dominance of resistant lice.”

Dr Greive said MOOV had a cure rate twice as high as traditional treatments containing malathion, pyrethrin and piperonyl butoxide.

Dr Greive is confident, unlike other pesticide based treatments; head lice will not become resistant to the main ingredient of eucalyptus oil in MOOV Head Lice Solution.

“Once the product is washed from the hair any residual eucalyptus oil will rapidly volatise from the hair which should prevent the emergence of resistance and maintain the efficacy of MOOV,” she says.

Dr Greive says in addition MOOV does not need to be combined with combing to be effective representing a significant time saving for parents and carers.

The MOOV range is available exclusively in pharmacies nationally, the home of expert health advice.

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About MOOV:

Evidence based medicine is vital for reliable treatments. The increase in head lice resistance to pesticides and the unproven efficacy of herbal products makes the need for evidence based head lice treatments immediate1

The Australian school children infestation rates of head lice are published as up to 35.1%3 and evidence based medicine is vital in combating this common childhood condition.

The MOOV Head Lice range of products is the result of many years of dedicated Australian research. MOOV has the full arsenal of pesticide free products to help Destroy, Detach & Defend against head lice.

MOOV continues to encourage discussion of head lice among parents with the ultimate aim of reducing the associated stigma. Parents need to remember that head lice are not a sign of poor hygiene, or bad parenting, and there are clinically proven products available that can help.


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