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September 23, 2016



QV Skincare has partnered with the McGrath Foundation to turn an everyday moisturiser into a valuable tool to assist in identifying changes that could be an early sign of breast cancer, available in pharmacies from October 2016.

Why is encouraging breast self checks and education so important?
• Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer for women aged 20-39 years¹

• Regular breast self checks are an easy way to become familiar and monitor breasts for changes, and if the cancer is found while limited to the breast, 96% of patients will be alive five years after diagnosis²

• 58% of women aged 25 to 39 rarely or never self check their breasts, yet 79% recognise breast checking is an effective way to help identify breast cancer³

By using QV Self Check Breast Cream women are encouraged to get into the habit of self checking to become familiar with the look and feel of their breasts while they moisturise. QV Self Check Breast Cream also includes a free educational leaflet stepping out the breast self check process in a simple, but informative manner.

In addition to educating women on how to check their breasts, QV will also donate $2 from every pack sold to support the amazing work of the McGrath Foundation. The McGrath Foundation champion breast awareness in young people through its national breast awareness initiative Curve Lurve, as well as funding McGrath Breast Care Nurses who provide invaluable support to families experiencing breast cancer.

The product will launch in October 2016 (Breast Cancer Awareness Month) and be available all year round exclusively from pharmacies. Women’s Health Expert Dr. Irmgard Chia from Select Medical Group explains that “self checking your breasts is one of the most effective ways to help identify breast cancer early, particularly if you are under the age of 40.


“Women under 40 have dense breast tissue which makes it difficult for mammograms to accurately detect breast cancer.

“Regular self breast checks are an easy way to monitor breasts for changes and report changes to your doctor. Most cases aren’t cancerous but the earlier breast cancer is identified and diagnosed, the better the outcome is likely to be, so consulting your doctor is important. ” Dr. Chia added.

Actress, Radio Personality and QV Ambassador Kate Ritchie is also throwing her support behind the campaign and sharing her own personal story to help encourage other women to take up this important habit.

“Self-checking your breasts as part of your everyday skin routine is about understanding what is normal for you, so if something changes you have the best chance to pick it up as early as possible and have it looked at.

“I love that it’s such an ingenious concept, it is so simple but could save lives. Most of us have been affected by breast cancer in some way and this product not only helps to raise important funds, it will help teach us an important life habit.

“I can proudly say I have taken the QV Self Check Pledge and now check my breasts regularly and I’m challenging the women of Australia to do the same” added Kate.

Tracy Bevan, Jane McGrath’s best friend and Ambassador & Director of the McGrath Foundation was with her when she first found a lump and described it as feeling like a ‘small frozen pea’.

Jane McGrath was only 31 when she was first diagnosed with breast cancer and as a result became a passionate believer in the need for greater breast awareness for all women regardless of age.

“Jane wanted to empower the next generation to be breast aware by getting to know and taking care of their own bodies. “At the McGrath Foundation we have a saying about breasts – ‘if you grow ’em, know ’em! By using a visible reminder, like this moisturising cream, or our Curve Lurve Breast Awareness App to regularly check your breasts, you’ll become familiar with your own body and be more likely to pick up any subtle changes early,” Bevan said.

QV Self Check Breast Cream 100g RRP $8.15 ($2 donated to the McGrath Foundation) and is available exclusively from pharmacies, the home of expert health advice.

Join the social movement! #IPledgeToCheck

In October, QV will be leading a social movement to encourage women to regularly self check their breasts. QV is asking the women of Australia to take a pledge to help raise awareness of the importance of breast self checks.

The Steps to join the movement:
1. Take a photo to indicate your commitment to pledge to self check your breasts featuring your favourite bra and/or QV Self Check Breast Cream somewhere creative.

2. Post your pic on social media using the hashtag #IPledgeToCheck

3. Tag your friends to get involved, let this be your message of support and awareness. “Support this cause & get in the habit of self checking your breasts as part of your everyday skincare routine!”

How can you help?
I want you to donate your social network by taking the pledge and encouraging others to do the same. The more people we get to take the pledge using the hashtag #IPledgeToCheck the more people we can educate and encourage to take up this important habit as part of their everyday skincare routine!

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About Ego Pharmaceuticals:
In 1953, Ego Pharmaceuticals was founded in a Melbourne laundry when a humble chemist began creating ground breaking skin care products. Ego quickly outgrew the tiny space and now over 63 years on, members of the founding family continue to carry on that family legacy producing over 120 quality skin care products.

Ego’s reputation has been built on consistently delivering effective, high-quality and innovative products manufactured to Australian and international pharmaceutical standards and backed by science. Today, Ego remains committed to creating quality skin therapies and everyday skincare products. Ego’s other brands include SunSense, Elucent, Aqium and ViraproX.

About the McGrath Foundation:
Jane McGrath’s personal experience has seen a team of passionate and dedicated people come together to make life for families experiencing breast cancer just that little bit easier.
The McGrath Foundation raises money to place McGrath Breast Care Nurses in communities across Australia and increase breast awareness in young people.

To help us make a difference, please visit our website or join us on Facebook (mcgrathfoundation), Twitter (mcgrathfdn), Instagram (mcgrathfoundation) or LinkedIn (mcgrath-foundation) and encourage your friends to do the same.

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3 Consumer breast self check habits survey, T Garage, commissioned by QV, National Sample n=226, Jan 2016. Data held on file.



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