Our People


At Ego, our people make the difference. We understand that people are our most valuable asset; while many may claim this, we at Ego we placed a premium on our people from day one.

We pay particular attention to supporting good health practices for our people. To this end we provide regular health services, such as vaccinations and skin mapping, to employees who have an interest, at a set time in the year and access to quality skin care products including SunSense sunscreens, Aqium hand sanitizer and QV skincare.

Internal communication is important to our family and we have regular monthly site meetings to update every department and every shift on what is happening across the business. Add to this a regular internal newsletter that has been consistently distributed for many years, as well as an internal intranet to share resources and information through.

We hire the best person for the role across all the countries we operate in and historically Ego was a pioneer in ensuring equal pay for women in Australia in 1960. Today we have a fairly equal split between female and male employees across the business. In 1974, we also introduced superannuation ahead of the compulsory introduction to set our people up well for their future.

Today, regular training programs and professional development keep Ego staff trained in the latest developments and techniques in our respective fields of expertise.

Our employees tell us that they love working at Ego because of the values that are upheld across the organisation, the sense of purpose that they have in their roles, and the opportunities that the company growth can offer them.

At Ego, we are always on the lookout for talented and passionate individuals to join our growing team. We regularly advertise our available positions on our LinkedIn Page and invite you to follow us and keep an eye out for opportunities.

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At Ego, we believe our people make the difference. Our people are our most valuable asset; while many may claim this, we...

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