Environmental Sustainability | Ego Pharmaceuticals

Environmental Sustainability

At Ego we do our best to minimise and continually improve processes that may impact on the environment in which we operates. We promote sustainable, we choose environmentally sound packaging for our products, we minimise the packaging and have recycling procedures in place in our manufacturing plant and offices. Ego is a signatory of the Australian Packaging Covenant, a voluntary initiative by the Australian Government and industry to reduce packaging going to waste.  Also our rainwater tanks supplement almost a fifth of our water needs. Download and view our action plan by clicking here.

Ego recently finished building its new global headquarters in Victoria, which has advanced its sustainability efforts. Although we’re expanding our business, we are simultaneously reducing our footprint on the environment through the implementation of various sustainable elements in the building. LED sensor lights are used throughout the warehouse and in offices to ensure lights are only on when people are in that particular area. The design elements also include passive orientation, solar electricity generation, double glazing, and rain water harvesting, to further reduce our impact on the environment.

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