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Our Values At Ego our values are an essential part of our culture and business.

These values underpin the quality of our products and drive our integrity, our commitment to science and innovation, and our focus on helping people restore and maintain Skin Health.

Alan Oppenheim, Managing Director

Quality is our way of life

Quality products. Our product research is focussed on better benefits for the consumer in preference to lower cost.

Quality processes and production. We continuously improve our processes and continuously lift our standards. We invest in quality equipment for a more consistent result over the longer term. We exceed the Good Manufacturing Practice requirements of government authorities.

Quality reputation. Healthcare professionals recommend our products because of our reputation for quality and science. Our products work well, so our consumers re-purchase and recommend them to others. We have pride and passion in the knowledge that we have the best products.

Our people make the difference

We value every employee. Each employee is critical to our success. Our employees provide excellent quality service to our staff. No job at Ego is so important or so urgent that the time cannot be taken to perform it in a safe manner. All employees recognise the importance of each other’s’ personal and family life.

Ego culture inspires success. Our culture means our employees look forward to coming to work. Our atmosphere is open, encouraging. We are informal to encourage communication. We inspire each other to achieve our best. We provide challenge to continuously improve. We invest in training and develop our people so they can continuously improve.

Our people live the Values. We select the staff who will live the Values and have the best skills in an open, fair and careful process. We are respectful and proud of the diversity of our people. We respect and embrace the culture of the people of each nation in which we operate.

We do what is right

All employees respect and protect the confidential information of Ego and of every employee. We will reject unethical requests from our business partners or from government employees. (The laws of Australia and other nations require all Ego employees in all nations to never make unethical payments to government officials.)

Our Code of Conduct is our people supporting the Values of Ego.

Innovation is in our nature

Innovative products. We use the sciences and a creative energy to develop innovative products. Innovation to products, to systems and to Ego is encouraged and embraced.

We challenge boundaries. We are bold in approach. We expand into new geographies and new business models. We invest for the long term. Our new endeavours are built to last.

All employees are encouraged to innovate. No matter which job someone has at Ego, we want our staff to think outside the box, to suggest innovation and to challenge the way we do things. (We follow our Standard Operating Procedures, but we encourage innovative improvement to SOPs through improvement processes.)

We openly support our staff when they make an honest mistake. We learn from mistakes and from success. Employees are encouraged to learn and to share their knowledge with each other.

Ego exists to help our consumers

Ego exists to improve consumers’ skin quality. We listen to our customers and anticipate their needs. We value all our relationships which are based on trust, open communication and an ethical partnership.

Excellent service. We strive to deliver excellent customer service experiences for consumers, distributors and healthcare professionals. We strive to transform the customer into an advocate for Ego.

Service to the community. We openly engage with and support community service organisations.

The spirit of Ego revolves around a community atmosphere

Equality. We have a sense of equality, of sharing, of being helpful, approachable and informal. We welcome open communication from everyone. We want to listen, to know. We have mutual respect for each other. We base our discussion on facts.

Support. All employees are part of the Ego team so we work together to help each other. All employees have a loyalty, a commitment to each other’s ongoing success and to Ego’s ongoing success. Each employee helps other employees to succeed.

Each employee’s commitment to ethics and to quality and their loyalty to one another (employee and company) are integral to the Ego spirit.


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