Ego Pharmaceuticals Sponsors Healthy Skin Awards 2018

Ego Pharmaceuticals Sponsors Healthy Skin Awards 2018

On Thursday the 10th of May, the Skin and Cancer Foundation Inc held the 9th annual Healthy Skin Awards, this year at the Melbourne Museum, Carlton.

The awards are designed to encourage healthy skin practices by recognising those in our community making a difference; be it through sun protection measures, public education, fundraising or support to those struggling with skin issues.

Ego Pharmaceuticals have supported and sponsored the awards since their inception 9 years ago. Alan Oppenheim, Ego Pharmaceuticals Managing Director commented on the synergy between Ego Pharmaceuticals and the Healthy Skin Awards,

‘Our aim at Ego is to help people achieve healthy skin, through manufacturing high quality dermatological products and working closely with health care professionals to help educate the community on all aspects of looking after and maintaining healthy skin. Supporting these awards is another great way to encourage these positive skincare messages in our communities.’

Mr Oppenheim presented the Healthy Skin Award sponsored by Ego Pharmaceuticals to the Surf Coast Shire Council. They were chosen by the judges due to their exemplary efforts in improving the skin health of their employees through a range of strategies.

With many of their employees working outdoors in parks and gardens, city works, and child care centres, the Council supports employee skin health by compliance to their ‘Extreme Heat’ and ‘Long Long’ policies which are supported by various initiatives including the provision of personal protective clothing and staff skin checks as well as education and reminders to reinforce the message.

Other sponsors included Eli Lilly, Novartis, Galderma and Melbourne Skin Pathology. Congratulations to all the winners of the Healthy Skin Awards 2018: Surf Coast Shire, Amanda Lucci, Dogs Victoria, Moira Shire Council and the Sale Tennis Club.