QV Pot Planter Hanging Garden


What you’ll need:

  • 3 x QV Cream pump pack (once empty)
  • Spray paint of your choice (optional)
  • Sand Paper
  • Scissors
  • Various plants/flowers of your choice
  • Hemp Rope


  1. Remove label from product/s.
  2. Cut the top of the container/s off, so the pump is removed.
  3. Clean out the container/s with water and leave to dry.
  4. Sand the edges to smooth out any sharp or rough spots.
  5. Remove the bottom blue end of the bottle, and using the scissors, carefully poke 4 small holes in the cone, to allow for water drainage.
  6. Spray paint the blue end, and leave to dry (optional).
  7. Pierce two holes on each side of the bottle at the same height, and thread the rope through it. Tie this off at the top.
  8. Re-connect the painted end to the planter pot.
  9. Plant your herbs and watch them grow!


Add some flavour to your kitchen with this mini herb garden.

Free up desk space and never lose your pen again!

Handy for keeping cables organised.

Keep your plants feeling fresh.

Perfect for small outdoor spaces.

A fun way for your children to start saving.

Add a pop of colour to each room in your house.