Your Community is Our Community

Sponsorship plays a valuable role for Ego Pharmaceuticals and we currently provide support in way of both community sponsorships and commercial sponsorships.

Many of our community sponsorships are jointly supported through Ego and the initiative and enthusiasm of our employees. Past examples have included fundraising for support to disaster response, such as the New South Wales Bushfire relief in 2013 and The Queensland Flood appeal in 2010. We also support national charities or research organisations that are close to our hearts such as Blue September, The Skin and Cancer Foundation and The Eczema Association.

Ego is an Australian Family owned company with a limited amount of resources available to support sponsorships. Therefore we endeavour to use a fair assessment process to guide our decisions and encourage anyone seeking sponsorship to read through and understand our process prior to submitting an application.

Each year Ego receives many requests for assistance and it is unfortunate that we cannot support all of the applications submitted to us. We appreciate your understanding of this and therefore only proposals that deliver commercial or community benefits and that align with our values and philosophies are progressed to evaluation. For example sponsorships that involve families and mothers or that are specifically concerned with improving and caring for the skin are well aligned with our business objectives.

Sponsorship Applications

Applications are reviewed on individual merit and we only consider proposals that meet our sponsorship requirements.

All applications must include the following

  • Key contact information of your organisation
  • Outline of your sponsorship event or activity
  • Details on the sponsorship you require from Ego
  • Timelines including resource delivery and event dates
  • Creative ideas as to how we can use the sponsorship and benefits to connect to our target market


Our process for consideration

  • Proposals are received by the Ego Sponsorship Team and are reviewed to see if they meet our requirements.
  • Successful proposals are reviewed by the Sponsorship Team to assess suitability, feasibility and resources required (human, product or monetary) and for approval.
  • We commit to responding to each suitable request as timely as possible
  • Whilst we are always open to suitable requests we will not be able to always help.

How to submit

All sponsorship requests must be submitted via the online Sponsorship application form below. Applications not submitted via this form will not be accepted.

Sponsorship Application Form

Are there any other skincare companies involved in your sponsorship? If so, please provide information.

Please select the benefits to Ego, should your application be successful and provide a brief explanation of these benefits or other possible opportunities.

Please use this space if you'd like to add any further information and/or attach a document. (Only .doc, .docx and .pdf files are allowed)