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September 24, 2018

DSC00135Ego Pharmaceuticals recently began supporting the Athletico Wolves Football Club by sponsoring several children to participate in the Small Sided Football Association program in 2018. The program is taking place at Soccers5s, which is a short walk from Ego’s new Global Headquarters in Dandenong South.

We had a chat with Brian Macmillen, head of Physical Education at Wooranna Park Primary School (where Athletico Wolves was founded) and Jack Gillibrand, President of the Small Sided Football Association, about the program – here’s what they had to say.

What is the Small Sided Football Association and what does the 2018 competition involve?

From Jack Gillibrand (President, Small Sided FA) 

DSC00052Small Sided Footbal Association (SSFA) are an authority of small sided social and structured football in Victoria.

SSFA is the leader and custodian of small sided football competitions for male and female players of all ages and abilities in Australia.  It exists to develop and run high quality programs and competitions and to promote and develop participation in the small sided formats of football.  Inclusion, Equity, Competition, Health and Wellbeing are the cornerstones of the SSFA programs’.”

A key focus in 2018 is on offering a community club feel to the teams under SSFA, with a vision to offer a pathway for players from grassroots to excellence through small sided football.

Our formats for games promote 4-a-side, 5-a-side, 6-a-side, 7-a-side and 9-a-side.

The 2018 winter season involves

  • 4 Clubs
  • 4 Age groups
  • 20 week program (over Term 2 & 3)
  • Over 100 registered players

Tell us a little about Athletico Wolves Football Club (AWFC) and the members that make up the team.

From Jack Gillibrand (President, Small Sided FA) 

AWFC is a brand new club founded in 2018 in Dandenong South. The club was established with the purpose of introducing young students to their first soccer club and team sports environment. The majority of players in the club are from Wooranna Park PS or live close by to the school and the club logo was made using the colours of the school.

How does Ego’s Sponsorship of AWFC players make a difference to the community?

From Brian Macmillen (Head of Physical Education, Wooranna Park PS)

Students are so excited to be part of a team and the parents are becoming more actively involved in supporting their children, driving them to games and training, and interacting with other families. This would not have been possible without the generous sponsorship from Ego Pharmaceuticals. Not only are the children participating in a positive sporting environment where they can learn and develop their skills through some healthy exercise, they are also making some great friends along the way.

Ego’s support and encouragement has motivated one of the parents and myself to submit an application to the Greater Dandenong Council for funding to keep the children at the club long term.

Have you had any feedback from Parents of the sponsored team members about the sponsorship program?

From Brian Macmillen (Head of Physical Education, Wooranna Park PS)

Maheen’s (one of the students) mother is excited about the program and is very proud of her daughter being part of the AWFC. Her big brother takes her to the Sunday games and also helps her out with advice about the games and how she can improve. The program is strengthening their family, which was an unexpected bonus that would not have been possible if Maheen hadn’t received the sponsorship.  

It was nice to see the children in action and having fun on the pitch, what makes Soccer5s such a great location for this to all take place?

From Jack Gillibrand (President, Small Sided FA) 

Soccer5s Dandenong prides itself on being not only the number 1 small sided football centre in Australia but the world. With 10 state of the art purpose built 5 & 7-a-side synthetic all-weather football pitches, and a stunning modern cafe-bar, its a hard to beat facility.

The format Small Sided FA wanted to implement at upon its creation meant Soccer5s was a perfect venue to call home as it caters for small sided competition all year round no matter what the weather. Having a location near schools and residential communities also means it’s easily accessible, and only a short trip away. The café on site also provides a great spot for the parents to enjoy a hot drink while the children play and can grab something to eat when they’re done for the day.

The team at Ego are proud to be able to help the local community and inspire young students to follow their dreams. Each sponsored player received an Ego backpack filled with goodies to help them throughout the program including some SunSense sunscreen, QV Gentle Wash and a water bottle.DSC00076


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