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Nappy changing

Nappy changing

Wearing a wet or dirty nappy for too long can irritate your child’s delicate skin. It is usually triggered by prolonged dampness, friction and ammonia substances released from urine. Other contributors to redness and irritation in the nappy area can be due to chemicals in washing detergents, soaps, baby wipes, certain foods, medicine and teething. Early measures are best to prevent further irritation.

Hints to help manage and prevent irritation

  1. Change nappies frequently to ensure soiled nappies are not left in contact with the skin for too long OR prolonged periods.
  2. Cleanse the nappy area at each nappy change with a soap free wash and dry it throughly.
  3. Use a protective barrier cream or lotion at nappy change time to help sooth irritation and prevent reoccurring.
  4. Try to leave the nappy off for periods of time to allow the skin to breathe.