QV welcomes its new ambassador to the family

July 18, 2016


Kate Ritchie Discovers the QV Difference

QV Skincare is proud to announce actress, radio presenter and mother Kate Ritchie as its new Ambassador. Kate’s nurturing nature and self-confessed personal fondness for the Australian made and family owned skincare products made her a natural fit for the brand.

Lending her personal experience to announce the partnership, Kate says she had never been a fan of the traditional ‘cake of soap’, but prior to discovering QV admits she didn’t fully understand her skin needs.

From July 1st 2016, Kate will lead the Discover the QV Difference Campaign, which aims to help Australians better understand their individual skin care needs through face-to-face consultations at popular thoroughfares and via a new skin solutions tool found at

Like many QV customers her first introduction to Australia’s number 1 selling skincare brand1 came after purchasing a pump pack of QV Wash from her local pharmacy. Kate says she noticed a difference almost immediately and found herself raving about the brand ever since.

“My skin has never been problematic but I did find myself thinking why strip away all the good oils my skin needs in a quest for cleanliness purely because I feel as though it can handle it? Maybe I should be rewarding it instead. If I was to use a product recommended to people with sensitive skin (and conditions such as eczema) surely it will be a lot kinder to my skin too,” Kate said.

Kate also loves that the products are uncomplicated and QV have the whole family covered.
“When my daughter was born last year I became much more aware of all the unnecessary nasties we put on our skin every day and so I decided to pare things right back. Her QV Baby Gentle Wash now sits in the shower alongside ours!” she added.

Finding the right skincare routine can often be a trial and error process for most people, which is why QV is simplifying the process.

Dermatologist Dr. Hope Dinh from Hope Dermatology South Melbourne believes it is important to understand your personal skin needs to achieve good skin health.

“It is common for people to experience dry or irritated skin that causes discomfort and can impact greatly on their lifestyle. It can often be caused by the use of unsuitable skincare, so finding the most suitable skincare that doesn’t contain unnecessary ingredients can vastly improve skin health and help to avoid skin irritation.”

“I recommend choosing skincare with ingredients that assist the skin to retain moisture and suit the needs of the individual, even if the skin doesn’t feel dry or itchy it may not be performing at its best. Good skin care doesn’t 
need to be expensive or complicated” Dr. Dinh explained.

QV products are developed to work in harmony with the skin and are suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin.

The entire QV range is made in Australia and exclusively available in pharmacies and Priceline stores nationally.

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