NEW SunSense Sensitive Invisible SPF 50+

October 3, 2016

Introducing new lightweight, physical sun protection

NEW to Ego Pharmaceuticals SunSense Sensitive Invisible SPF 50+ sunscreen is a new physical sunscreen, scientifically formulated for sensitive skin. It contains 15% zinc oxide, with advanced1 defence and helps protect against sunburn and skin ageing.

new-sunsense-creamApproximately 38% of men and 51% of women have self-diagnosed ‘sensitive skin’ and approximately 6% of men and 10% of women describe their skin as ‘very sensitive’2. Not only is SunSense Sensitive Invisible SPF 50+ suitable for use with sensitive skin, but is also ideal for people who prefer sunscreens with physical blockers over chemical absorbers, with the non-comedogenic formulation suitable for use on the face and body.

SunSense Sensitive Invisible SPF 50+ is available in a handy 75g tube, perfect for the handbag and re-applications on the go and also a 200g tube, the perfect size for the whole family.

SunSense Sensitive Invisible SPF 50+ uses 15% zinc oxide and delivers:
• SPF 50+, UVA and UVB broad spectrum protection
• Transparent, lightweight protection
• 4 hours water resistance and is sand resistant

Why choose a sunscreen with zinc oxide?
Ego Pharmaceutical’s Scientific Affairs Manager, Dr Kerryn Greive (PhD) explains that zinc oxide is a great physical sunscreen which protects from UVA and UVB rays by acting as a mirror to reflect radiation away from the skin. “It provides balanced UVA and UVB protection with a single active” she added. Zinc oxide has the additional benefits of being soothing and protective which makes it ideal for those with sensitive skin.

Key Ingredient: Vitamin B3
SunSense Sensitive Invisible SPF 50+ has been formulated with 3% nicotinamide (vitamin B3). Vitamin B3 is effective and beneficial topically at concentrations ranging from 0.25% to 5%3. Very high protection sunscreens using 3% Vitamin B3 not only offer sun protection benefits, they can also help to:
• Maintain normal skin barrier function4
• Reduce skin sensitivity4
• Moisturise dry skin4
• Improve the appearance of skin tone and texture5
Dr Greive says having an Australian research and development team enables Ego to stay on top of the latest ingredient innovations to formulate the most suitable products for Australian skin.

“The use of ingredients with an excellent safety profile such as Vitamin B3 and the exclusion of non-essential ingredients in our sunscreens, provide additional sun care and everyday skin care benefits” Dr Greive said.

SunSense Sensitive Invisible SPF 50+ is:

• Free from chemical actives
• Fragrance free
• Alcohol free
• Lanolin free
Suitable for infants 6 months and over, it is 4 hour water resistant and also sand resistant. All SunSense products are made & tested in Australia for Australian families by trusted skincare experts Ego Pharmaceuticals – the makers of QV Skincare.


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