Ego Staff Volunteer for the Environment.

March 6, 2018

Ego clean up day

Ego was proud to participate in the 2018 Business Clean-up Australia Day on February 27th for the third consecutive year.

Each year the Clean-up Australia Day event encourages and inspires thousands of Australians to take to their local park, beach, bushland and streets to help make a difference to their local environment. In 2017, more than half a million people volunteered their time to collect the equivalent of 14,000 ute loads of rubbish that had found its way into the natural environment.

This year, 29 staff representing a range of departments across the Ego business volunteered their morning to take part in the Clean Up at Parkdale Beach in Melbourne’s South East. Ego Pharmaceuticals generously allowed any staff that wanted to participate to volunteer during work hours to contribute to the improvement of our local environment.

Ego Clean Up

Ego’s Managing Director Alan Oppenheim was proud to see so many departments within Ego come together to take part in the clean-up.

“One of the perks of being Managing Director is seeing the employees who make Ego what it is today, find something that they’re passionate about and want to make a difference toward. We had volunteers from 11 different departments across Ego participating in the clean-up, from the sales team to production and everything in between, and that makes me proud”, said Mr Oppenheim.

The combined efforts contributed to almost a ute load of rubbish being cleaned up from the beach, which was separated into recyclable items and waste. Lots of broken glass and cigarette butts were some of the more common culprits. The local council, City of Kingston provided support in the form of gloves and litter grabbers for the volunteers to use, and also collected the rubbish for removal after the morning w as complete. The Clean-up Australia day initiative was a great success this year

The Ego volunteers were each provided with a broad-brimmed hat as well as SunSense SPF 50+ sunscreen to help protect them while they collected rubbish.


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