Ego Opens World Class Flammable Goods Manufacturing Facility

July 4, 2016

Booming skincare business creates 63 new jobs; predicted to grow exports by $40 million

Australian manufacturing is experiencing an important boost this week as Ego Pharmaceuticals opens its new $15 million dollar flammable goods manufacturing facility.

Opened with a ribbon cutting by former Minister for Trade The Hon Andrew Robb AO and now Special Envoy for Trade and joined by Innes Willox CEO of the Australian Industry Group, the event marked the biggest production expansion in the company’s 63 year history.

Ego’s Managing Director Alan Oppenheim explained that the new facility enables the family owned company to double its bottle filling capacity and grow its booming export business.
“The new $15 million dollar facility increases our total production capabilities across our site dramatically. It’s an investment in new technology, new processes, jobs in Australia, economic uplift and skin health for the community” Mr Oppenheim said.

The state of the art facility will manufacture products that contain flammable ingredients including Aqium hand sanitiser at large scale to help prevent the spread of disease.
Mr Oppenheim says the move is also steadfast for the people of Australia in the event of a future health pandemic – hand hygiene is recognised as the most important way of preventing the spread of germs, bacteria and viruses. “It is a good strategy for Australia to have secured its own huge new manufacturing facility of quality hand sanitiser to help protect against the spread of viruses.”

While the move is good for Australia it also opens up an increase the ability to fulfil big demands coming from Asia and the Middle East. In 2014 when the MERS epidemic hit, an international Ministry of Health tendered an order for 10 million anti bacterial hand sanitisers with specific interest in the quality of Aqium, however at the time Ego’s facility to produce Aqium couldn’t cope with the quantity and short turnaround demand and so the opportunity was lost.

Australian Industry Group CEO Innes Willox said the project signals the good health of pharmaceutical manufacturing in Australia amongst the often told gloom and doom stories.
“Ego’s expansion is still further evidence that manufacturing in Australia can prosper where there is a strong commitment to innovation and a willingness to invest in opportunity. There is a bright future for agile manufacturers that can remake themselves to meet new markets,” Mr Willox said.

Mr Oppenheim explained that remaining in Australia is a core strategy to Ego’s business success.
“We are very passionate about remaining an Australian company, we manufacture in Australia, we do our research and development here – we read about companies constantly investing more and more of its manufacturing internationally and yet we have so much talent and opportunities in Australia – it just takes smart planning and strong investment for the long term” Mr Oppenheim added.

Keeping it in the family, Mr Oppenheim owns and runs the business with his wife, Ego’s Scientific and Operations Director Dr Jane Oppenheim, who is at the forefront of the expansion project.
Dr Jane Oppenheim said the project is part of a thirty year expansion plan for the company, which also includes a $135 million development in a new global headquarters – a 9.5 hectare development at the new Logis Estate in Dandenong South.

As a word of advice to other businesses Dr Oppenheim urges the importance of planning and investing for the future.
“You absolutely have to invest in innovation and to continue to increase your efficiencies without compromising on quality. Without innovation you will slowly fall behind, both locally and internationally. Investing in innovation in equipment, processes and people in production is adding sustenance for a sustainable future” Dr Oppenheim added.

The facility will manufacture products that contain flammable ingredients including Aqium Hand Sanitiser, MOOV Head Lice treatments, SOOV Bite gel, Resolve solution and select SunSense sunscreens.




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