Ego Looks to Improve Skin Health Across Hong Kong

July 1, 2015

After a successful 40 year partnership with local distributor Lision Hong, Ego Pharmaceuticals has decided to launch its own company based in Hong Kong to enable it to improve the skin health of even more Hong Kong consumers.
Although an exciting step for Ego, it is business as usual for customers as products remain available to purchase from your normal outlets.
Ego Pharmaceuticals’ Managing Director Alan Oppenheim explained that creating a Hong Kong based arm of the company will enable Ego to work directly and closer with local customers.
“Ego exists to help people restore and maintain skin health and having our own team of local staff means we can work even more closely with the local community” said Mr Oppenheim.
“We have built a strong foundation in Hong Kong, and would like to take this opportunity to thank Lision Hong for their hard work, friendship and commitment over the last 40 years” added Mr Oppenheim.
Founded in 1953, Ego is highly respected in Australia for its quality therapeutic skincare products that assist people with skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis. Ego also has a vast range of everyday skincare products to improve and maintain healthy skin including QV Skincare, Pinetarsol, Egoderm, EgoPsoryl TA and SunSense sunscreen.

Existing customers may notice a slight change in the packaging as Lision’s logo and details on the cartons will be replaced by Ego Pharmaceuticals HK Ltd. Rest assured that the same high quality Australian Made and Owned product that Ego is renowned for is contained within the carton. All Ego products are made in its world class manufacturing facilities in Melbourne, Australia.

2015 has proven to be an exciting year for Ego, which also marks 40 years since QV Skincare, the number one dermatological skincare brand in Australian pharmacy1, was first made in 1975. QV Skincare was first developed for Melbourne’s historic Queen Victoria Hospital as a specialist skincare product for use in the hospital’s dermatology wards.


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