Ego Dermatology Nurse Fellowships Awarded

May 18, 2016

Alan Oppenheim_Lauren McMahon
Ego is proud to announce that the winner of the 2016 Australian Ego Dermatology Nurses Fellowship is Lauren McMahon.

The announcement was made at the Australian Dermatology Nurses Association annual scientific meeting in Perth with the winner independently selected by the Association.
The Ego Fellowship is designed to assist Australian dermatology nurses to build their international contacts, to pursue continued professional development and establish networking opportunities with the British Dermatological Nursing Group, National Skin Cancer Centre Singapore or other dermatology nurse groups.

McMahon is currently a dermatology nurse at Sutherland Shire Dermatology, Sydney Dermatology and McQuarrie Street Day Surgery.

In her application, McMahon spoke about the importance of continuing to network and share knowledge to continue to strive to achieve the best possible outcomes for patients.

“Communication and the exchanging of knowledge and experiences in dermatology nursing cannot be underestimated and by looking beyond our own areas and clinics we can be of greater benefit to our patients, and all those who require help and guidance because of skin problems.

“While everyone is different it is useful to remember always that every individual considers her, or his, condition to be serious and so the more we know of the various treatment methods the better” added Ms McMahon.

She also explained that investing time and personalised care to patients can have a significant impact on the outcome.

“[Some] patients require more than a short appointment and through researching nurse-led clinics in the UK I have become acutely aware that, as well as their treatments, they would benefit from more time, support, guidance, encouragement and compassion” said Ms McMahon.
The Ego Dermatology Nurses Fellowship for the UK (selected by or in association with the British Dermatology Nurses Group) & Singapore (in association with the National Skin Centre) were also presented at the meeting which were awarded to Susan Bradley and Ahmad Shufi Bin Jasmani respectively.

Ego’s Managing Director, Alan Oppenheim said the fellowships are an important initiative to nurture and encourage passionate dermatology nurses.

“Dermatology nurses play an extremely important role in patient care and these fellowships enable the recipients to network internationally and to learn and share and to debate important science and care techniques. The result is improved skin health for patients in multiple nations. And that is precisely why Ego exists” said Mr Oppenheim.

Ego is a long-term proud supporter of the Australian dermatology nurses since 2000 which was before the association even existed. The Ego Fellowship even caused dermatology nurses in New Zealand to create their own association, which Ego also supports.


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