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Get Involved

Over the years we’ve been proud to partner with a number of great charities and causes that really do make a difference. We encourage our community members to get involved and support Australians in need.


Do Your Part for the Environment

Recycling symbols on packs can be confusing. These symbols below reflect the plastic type for the packaging. It is a voluntary code that manufacturers use to help consumers identify the material type. It does not mean that all of the plastic types are recyclable. Each council will accept different materials in curbside recycling bins.

Here at Ego, our flexible plastic bottles and jars and our plastic tubes are recyclable. All cartons and leaflets that may come with our products are also able to be recycled. While the caps on our products are recyclable, the pumps are not. For any flexible plastic products with pumps, please remove the pump before recycling the bottle. Keep in mind that each council will accept different materials in curb side recycling bins. Please check with your local council to find out what can be recycled in your area. For any of our products that your council does not accept in recycling, head to Terracycle, who have a free beauty products recycling program. For more information regarding recycling our products, feel free to contact our friendly customer service team.

Supporting the Community

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