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The Ego brand is synonymous with dermatological treatments that are scientifically-proven, whilst maintaining strong ethics and excellence in quality. Our standards for quality control and assurance are world-class and go beyond industry standards.

We follow stringent requirements to ensure impeccable quality and safety of raw materials and packaging. We select suppliers based on strict standards and criteria, assessing each in terms of responsible sourcing and modern slavery criteria.

The packaging of most of our products is recyclable, and we strive for continuous improvement in this area as new packaging materials and technologies become available.

Find out more about how to recycle your empty Ego packaging here.

Product Goals

We are a signatory of the Australian Packaging Covenant (APCO), and we have partnered with REDCycle to help improve the recyclability of, and recycled content in, our packaging. We have also joined the federally-backed Australian, New Zealand and Pacific Island Pact on Plastic (ANZPAC PACT) where we pledge to purchase and reuse a percentage of recycled plastic in order to support the developing circular economy.

We are further investing in the development of the Australian circular economy for used packaging by committing to ensure that 100% of our Australian products will have the Australian Recycling Label (ARL) information available either on pack or online by 2025.

We will be replacing, where possible, non recyclable packaging materials with more sustainable alternatives. We have information on our website and on product packaging to help educate consumers on what can and cannot be recycled at home.

Where possible and in line with therapeutic requirements, we are looking to replace current PVC bottles and acrylic jars with more sustainable options and are sourcing an alternative pump that can be recycled.

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