Moisturisers – Why You Need Them?

April 8, 2016

Keeping the skin moisturised and hydrated is important for the maintenance of soft, plump and youthful looking skin. A quality moisturiser will help the skin stay soft, supple and hydrated by preventing water evaporating from the skin. A quality moisturiser should contain moisturising ingredients from each of the three classes of moisturising agents- humectants, emollients and occludents; these ingredients mimic the features the skin uses to help prevent your skin from dehydrating. It’s also important to look at a Complete Moisturising Regimen.

One of the key steps to a good moisturising regimen is to avoid soap as it can strip away the skin’s natural layer of protection, drying the skin even more. A lot of soaps also contain other irritants, such as colour and fragrance to further aggravate dry and sensitive skin. Remember to moisturise frequently and always immediately after bathing or cleansing. By keeping the skin moisturised, the natural barrier function performs better.

During the day, the skin needs a moisturiser to prevent dehydration caused by sun exposure, air-conditioning and a host of other factors. As we don’t drink water while we sleep at night, our skin also needs a moisturiser to protect our skin from dehydration. The skin around the eyes is also more susceptible to damage, dehydration and poor oxygen flow. A moisturiser specifically tailored to meet the needs of the skin around the eyes will help maintain overall healthy looking skin.


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