Your Community is Our Community

We love to give back to the local communities we call home. Every day, we receive many requests for sponsorship and are proud to be able to support over 300 community groups and organisations each year.

How we assess:

While we would love to lend a hand to everyone, we have limited capacity and resources to help each person and support every cause. In line with the values that we live and work by here at Ego, we have long supported various charities and organisations across Australia that strive towards a common goal of promoting healthy skin, such as sun safety initiatives and other skin health related causes.
Before applying for sponsorship, please consider whether your request fits in within our area of focus, as described above.
Please ensure that the activity you are requesting sponsorship for is no less than 6 weeks away.

Sponsorship Application Form

Are there any other skincare companies involved in your sponsorship? If so, please provide information.

Please select the benefits to Ego, should your application be successful and provide a brief explanation of these benefits or other possible opportunities.

Please use this space if you'd like to add any further information and/or attach a document. (Only .doc, .docx and .pdf files are allowed)