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Following Science to a Better Tomorrow


At Ego our values are an essential part of our culture and business, and they stem from our family heritage. They underpin the quality of our products and drive our integrity, our commitment to science and innovation, and our focus on helping people restore and maintain skin health.

Equity, diversity and inclusion are a part of who we are at Ego. We pride ourselves on doing what is right, and we have codes of conduct and policies in place to ensure that we are always operating with integrity. We are committed to ensuring that we have the best people, and we recognise that this means that we need a diverse range of people from different backgrounds.

We are proud of our strict anti-discrimination policy which prohibits discrimination based on race, gender, sexual orientation, transgender status, age, health status, disability, marital status, pregnancy or religion.

Our Australian high technology manufacturing enables us to provide good jobs for Australians and support the local economy. And with hundreds of staff based outside Australia to educate the world about skin health and our products, we are able to provide good, Values-based jobs overseas too. 

People Goals

We publish our Modern Slavery Act Statement annually via the Australian Government’s Border Force to ensure that we maintain a transparent commitment to a safe and fair working environment for all people involved at Ego.

We conduct an Employee Engagement Survey each year as part of our Better Together Program to foster a workplace where all people of any ethnicity, social background, religion, gender, age or disability feel accepted and valued. And have also committed to maintain our annual Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA) report at or above the current standard.

We work closely with a range of healthcare professionals to ensure that customers have access to the best possible advice, based on science, on how to treat and manage skin conditions. The advice that we offer through the likes of pharmacists and dermatologists is just as important as the products we produce. 

As members of the wider community, we have current Industry partnerships with Melanoma Institute Australia, Eczema Association Australasia and Skin Health Institute, and we provide support to hundreds of charities and community organisations across the globe every year.

We have developed strong relationships with health professionals and as a business we participate in events like Clean Up Australia Day and Melanoma March.

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