QV Dermcare Eczema Daily Launch

QV Dermcare Eczema Daily is a Registered Therapeutic Medical Device Range and the first of its kind in Australia^

Since its inception in 1953, Ego Pharmaceuticals has been committed to developing products that are well-researched, innovative, high quality and backed by science. Ego exists to transform lives through the science of healthy skin, and our products are trusted by pharmacists and health care professionals, globally.

Ego commissioned a study, conducted on 100 adults with clinically-diagnosed moderate eczema, to determine whether QV Intensive with Ceramides Wash and QV Intensive with Ceramides Cream managed the signs and symptoms of this condition in adults¹.

Results from the study showed that the Wash and Cream helped improve the symptoms of moderate eczema in adults, such as dry skin and itch, and when both products were used together there was a significant improvement in skin hydration and a reduction in moisture loss¹.

As a result, both product formulations are now regulated as therapeutic medical devices and have been renamed as QV Dermcare Eczema Daily Wash and QV Dermcare Eczema Daily Cream, featuring new look packaging that makes them easily identifiable as products to help relieve the symptoms of mild to moderate eczema*.

They are the ^ first commercially-available moisturising wash and cream with ceramides in Australia proven to significantly improve skin issues associated with moderate eczema in adults.

While moisturisers and cleansers are often recommended by Health Professionals to help manage the symptoms of eczema, most are cosmetic products that are only designed for normal, healthy looking skin.

QV Dermcare Eczema Daily Wash and QV Dermcare Eczema Daily Cream are both specifically formulated to help manage the symptoms of mild to moderate eczema* by supporting the skin’s barrier. Using a combination of science-based ingredients including moisturisers and ceramides, the products help to seal moisture into the skin, helping relieve skin dryness and the associated itch.

The QV Dermcare Eczema Daily range is available in pharmacies now.

You can find out more about QV’s range of eczema management options at www.qvskincare.com.au/eczema-prone.

Always read the label. Follow the directions for use. If symptoms persist, worsen or change unexpectedly, talk to your health professional.

^ QV Dermcare Eczema Daily has been clinically tested on people with moderate eczema that are 18 years & above.

*Eczema required diagnosis by a medical practitioner.

1. Spada F, Harrison IP, Barnes TM, Greive KA, Daniels D, Townley JP et al. A daily regimen of a ceramide-dominant moisturizing cream and cleanser restores the skin permeability barrier in adults with moderate eczema: A randomized trial. Dermatol Ther. 2021; 34(4): e14970. doi:10.1111/dth.14970.

The QV Baby range has once again been chosen by consumers as having some of the top baby skincare products in Australia, with the release of the Bounty Baby Award winners this week.

QV Baby products were recognised in the following 4 categories:

  • Best Baby Moisturiser (QV Baby Moisturising Cream) – Gold
  • Best Baby Shampoo (QV Baby 2 in 1 Shampoo & Conditioner) – Gold
  • Best Baby Wash (QV Baby Gentle Wash) – Silver
  • Best Barrier Cream (QV Baby Barrier Cream) – Silver

The Bounty Baby Awards are held annually, and are voted on by both the public and a selected voting panel. This year, the awards received a huge 40 000 votes from the public and the voting panel consisted of a midwife, the Bounty editor, influencer Jessica Beaton from One Handed Cooks, and 2 real life mums.

Australian made, QV Baby is a dermatologically tested range of gentle hydrating cleansers, moisturisers and a barrier cream, specially developed for sensitive skin. Recommended by paediatricians, every QV Baby product is free from colour, fragrance and other common irritants, to work in harmony with baby’s delicate skin.