Elucent Launches an Edgy New Campaign

Elucent Launches an Edgy New Campaign

Elucent Skincare launched their new campaign with a bang in Sydney yesterday.

The new campaign with the tagline, ‘No BS, Just Anti Ageing Science’, was a hit with the media and beauty personalities who attended the launch over high tea at The Langham, Sydney.

Elucent’s new campaign is breaking down the barriers of skincare marketing, by not using buzzwords, jargon or sneaky, unpronounceable ingredients. Elucent is instead focused on creating functional skincare, by providing a skincare range that is reliable and backed by science.

Elucent is skincare without the BS.

Dr Jane Oppenheim, Ego Pharmaceuticals Scientific & Operations Director, spoke at the event about how the Elucent range came to fruition, and why it is so popular. She says it is because ‘The Elucent range combines innovative research with top skincare science to develop high-quality, active-ingredient formulas that help bring out the best in your skin.’

Highlighting the ethos of Ego Pharmaceuticals and its Australian heritage, Jane said ‘Elucent was created for Australians, by Australians, in Australia. Our goal at Ego is to create quality skincare products, developed through years of research and backed by science. Products that work, plain and simple.’

Dr Eleni Yiasemides, a leading Sydney Dermatologist, also attended the event to talk about her top skincare tips, the science behind anti-ageing skincare and the importance of functional skincare.

For more information on the Elucent range, visit www.elucentskincare.com/