Azzam Alwani


Wednesday 22nd April 2015

To celebrate his years of service to Ego in the UAE, we introduce you to Azzam Alwani.

Azzam has worked with Ego for 12 years as the Middle East Regional Manager. He is based in Dubai within the UAE. Prior to joining Ego Azzam worked with our skin care range via a distributor company for Ego products and in his 22 years of experience with Ego has seen a number of significant changes within Ego and across the region. Over Azzam’s history with Ego there has been a huge growth in the number of products produced and he has watched several Ego products rocket to number 1 category position in the Middle Eastern markets.

He has also visited the Australian plant on numerous occasions and has seen the development of the research and development facility, the increase in production capacity and the expansion of warehousing that has been required to meet the demand in the Middle East markets.

Azzam’s advice to someone considering a position in the company is that,

“Ego is the right work place for you if you are a creative person who believes in change."

Congratulations and Thank you for being a part of the Ego family.

Azzam Alwani

Wednesday 22nd April…

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十二月 18, 2015
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