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Napkin Rash

Napkin rash or Nappy rash can occur with anyone wearing a nappy or incontinence pad.  It is a form of contact dermatitis that develops due to;

  • Urine and occlusion  of the nappy leading to overhydration¬ and skin maceration
  • Faecal bile salts and enzymes that break down the proteins and lipids in the top layer of the skin
  • The combination of urine and faeces will also result in raising pH of the skin
  • Wet skin is also open to colonisation of micro-organisms, particularly candida
  • Mechanical friction between skin and nappy may also lead to damage the skin further

As Candida is often present in nappy rash the use of an anti-fungal treatment can be effective in treating the area. Resolve Nappy Rash cream contains ingredients to helps soothe, heal and protect the infected area and treat Candida.

Resolve Nappy Rash is formulated for the effective treatment of fungal infected nappy rash. It contains;
• Zinc oxide helps soothe, heal and protect the infected area.
• The ointment base is easy to apply to inflamed skin and forms a protective barrier.
• Low irritant formula.
• Free from fragrance, lanolin, propylene glycol, colour and preservatives.

To help manage and prevent nappy rash:
Change soiled or wet nappies immediately .
Use a soap alternative to cleanse the area such as QV Gentle Wash, or if the area is red and itchy use a Pinetarsol product.
Use an emollient barrier treatment at each change, such as QV Baby Barrier Cream.
Ask your pharmacist or maternal health nurse for further advice.


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