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Napkin Rash

Napkin rash or Nappy rash can occur with anyone wearing a nappy or incontinence pad.  It is a form of contact dermatitis that develops due to;

  • Urine and occlusion  of the nappy leading to overhydration¬ and skin maceration
  • Faecal bile salts and enzymes that break down the proteins and lipids in the top layer of the skin
  • The combination of urine and faeces will also result in raising pH of the skin
  • Wet skin is also open to colonisation of micro-organisms, particularly candida
  • Mechanical friction between skin and nappy may also lead to damage the skin further

Preventative Treatments

Egozite Protective Baby Lotion is a protective cream and lotion which contains 15% dimethicone. When applied to the skin, Egozite Protective Baby Lotion provides a barrier over the skin to protect it from further irritation from urine etc. Egozite Protective Baby Lotion should be used at every nappy change to cleanse the skin and help prevent napkin rash.

Products to Help (Topical Anti-inflammatories - Nonsteroidal)

Egozite Baby Cream is a very gentle, soothing cream containing zinc oxide, dimethicone and glycerol. Egozite Baby Cream is recommended when the skin is very tender and inflamed as it will reduce the redness of extremely irritated skin and help improve the tolerance to stronger preparations if needed. Apply to affected skin 3 times daily or as needed.

Products to Help (Anti-fungal, Anti-inflammatory Products)

Contains miconazole nitrate and 1.0% hydrocortisone for the treatment of inflamed fungal skin infections not responding to other anti-fungal treatments. Resolve Plus 1.0% works by treating the inflammation of the fungal infection and reducing the irritation caused by moisture and inflammation at the site of infection. Studies have shown cure rates of up to 90% when using miconazole and hydrocortisone together*.

Products to Help (Topical Anti-inflammatories - Hydrocortisone)

DermAidT™ 0.5% Cream is a topical corticosteroid with anti-inflammatory and vaso-constrictive properties that’s suitable for the majority of skin types. It contains dissolved hydrocortisone in an occlusive base which provides increased skin penetration and enhanced effectiveness for treatment of red, itchy skin. DermAid™ also contains a moisturising element which helps prevent dry skin, and it’s lanolin and paraben-free to help avoid secondary allergic reactions. DermAid™ 0.5 Cream contains 0.5% hydrocortisone.


Products to Consider