Zoo Run: Sea World

November 2, 2015

Ego Pharmaceuticals has been a proud sponsor of the Zoo Run and Wildlife Emergency – a not-for profit charity helping wildlife while having fun – since its inception.

This year’s more recent event, Zoo Run @ Sea World, successfully raised $19,500 for The Sea World Research and Rescue Foundation (SWRRF). The SWRRF is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to funding and promoting independent marine research projects. Through various research and rescue activities, the Foundation aims to help build its knowledge and appreciation of the amazing variety of life in our oceans.

Zoo Run Sea World fundraiser

Over 600 people joined together for a 5km or 2km run throughout the park, checking out all of the amazing marine life along the way, while dressed up in their favourite costumes. All runners were treated to some QV Sport on the day, with one of the Best Dressed winners going home with a QV Sport Prize Pack.

100% of the profits from the day were donated to the Sea World Research & Rescue Foundation.

A great achievement for organiser, 16 year old Tegan Lather and her family, who have dedicated their time and efforts to ensuring the success of Zoo Run.

For more information regarding the Zoo Run events or to see photos click here.


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