Skin IQ (39 of 60) – What are Trademarks?

October 26, 2011

Often we see a TM or  symbol next to the name of a product, but often it’s not known what it means.

The marks are used to indicate to everyone, that this mark or brand is essentially taken.

The ® is used to indicate a product has been registered at a Trademark Office, but owners aren’t required to use the symbol.  Any product owner can use a TM symbol to establish their ownership of the mark.

More frequently businesses are trademarking or at least adding the TM symbol next to phrases such as ‘Ego, The Science of Healthy Skin’. It may not offer strong protection, particularly when a slogan contains mostly common use language, but it does give a warning to others in the same industry.

And increasingly the shape of packaging or its colouring is also being registered as a trademark to help prevent competitors from using confusingly similar designs.  The Toblerone triangle shape and the purple colour PM2685 of Cadbury chocolates have both been registered.


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