John Curtin Weekend 2015

December 11, 2015

Over six weekends in September and October, more than 400 volunteers visited 43 regional and metropolitan sites in Western Australia to work on local community projects as part of the John Curtin Weekend initiative.

John Curtin Weekend is Curtin University’s largest community project, where volunteers work with the locals on community projects such as environmental work, garden and building maintenance, river restoration and local affairs.

Initially, the project was a one day celebration, first held in 1998, to celebrate one of Australia’s Prime Minister’s, John Curtin. The John Curtin Weekend has become so popular that it now runs over multiple weekends to accommodate the needs of various towns.

The volunteers logged a massive 7,976 hours of service across Western Australia.

An additional 216 volunteers from Curtin Sarawak visited various rural communities and assisted them with projects such as health workshops and basic medical check-ups. They also aided with painting, helping out at small oil palm plantations, clean-up activities and motivational workshops for school children.

To read more about the various amazing projects involved in the 2015 John Curtin Weekend, visit copynd-community/John_Curtin_Weekend_2014.htm.


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