How to get beautiful skin?

November 20, 2012

FEATURED ARTICLE – How to get beautiful skin?

“At Ego, we believe beautiful skin is synonymous with healthy skin.” says Dr Kerryn Greive PhD. “And while it is important to look after your skin at every age, your skin will have different needs at different ages.”

In your 20s, your skin is plump, firm and hydrated; it can also be sensitive. If you don’t protect it, your skin will suffer from sun damage in later life. Dr Greive suggests: “Wear a light, tinted moisturiser with sunscreen every day and keep away from sun exposure and tanning salons. Avoid smoking and alcohol as they will cause the skin to age prematurely.”

In your 30s, your skin starts to become drier, with wrinkles and fine lines beginning to appear around the eyes and lips. Some women suffer from brown spots and pigmentation due to sun damage. Dr Greive says: “This is when our busy lives take over, with family and work commitments. For great skin, remember to stay hydrated, eat fresh fruit and vegetables and use a moisturiser with sunscreen. Exfoliate with a gentle scrub at least once a week to help invigorate the skin and apply a hydrating eye cream morning and night.”

In your 40s the ageing process speeds up and your complexion can start to look dull and dehydrated. Dr Greive explains: “If you’re not already using a sunscreen daily, it’s never too late to start. Also consider using products that contain alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) as they help new, fresh skin to surface. Include an anti-ageing serum in your daily regimen and consider using a hydrating mask once a week.”

In your 50s, your skin becomes dry, dull and somewhat leathery due to slower cell renewal.  “Oestrogen levels play an important role in keeping skin hydrated. As your natural levels fall, your skin becomes drier, so use a rich night cream. The area around the eyes and lips should get special attention, as a dehydrated eye area will make you appear older and tired. Select a fragrance-free eye cream to help avoid irritation.” Dr Greive says.

Dr Kerryn Greive PhD is Scientific Affairs Manager at Ego Pharmaceuticals


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