Ego supports the Make a Move Ride

July 17, 2015

Australian made and owned skincare company Ego Pharmaceuticals is proud to come on board and support the Make a Move Ride raising valuable funds and awareness for Arthritis and Osteoporosis Victoria.

On Sunday 27 September, Mike and his mate Stan will pedal out of Melbourne on a long and challenging journey all in the name of pain. Averaging 100km of cycling per day for a month the Make a Move Ride will raise funds and awareness for people living with painful muscle, bone and joint conditions.

The Ride was initially inspired by Mike’s 29 year old son Bradley, who was diagnosed with a painful and debilitating form of arthritis known as ankylosing spondylitis (AS) last October.

“When Brad was diagnosed I knew I wanted to do something. It was horrible watching my son suffering from this condition that I knew so little about” said Mike.

After doing some research Mike realised that he had been suffering from iritis, an inflammation of the eye, which is associated with AS. When Mike learnt that most people with AS have a “genetic marker” (a protein called HLA-B27) he asked his doctor to be tested – Mike was diagnosed with AS in December last year.

Despite this, Mike is still determined to cycle the epic journey from Melbourne to Darwin

Ego’s SunSense Sport SPF 50+ will help keep Mike & Stan protected from the harsh Australian sun and is sweat resistant so ideal for use during cycling and exercise.

​“We are thrilled to have an Australian company like Ego on board. Every little bit of support counts,” said Mike.

Mike & Stan will also be caring for their skin with the QV Sport range which is free from soap, fragrance and common irritants and specially formulated to wash away sweat and oil, protecting the skin against irritation and rash. The QV Sport Chafing Cream will also come in handy as the anti-friction formula helps cyclists, runners and everyday athletes combat chafing and sweat rash that can be a result of physical activities.

“The sunscreen and chafing cream will certainly make the ride a little more comfortable,” ​laughed Stan​​​.​

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