A soap free Christmas

December 17, 2012

While soap may seem like a good idea as a gift or even a stocking stuffer, there are some inherent issues when giving soap.

First of all, what are you trying to say when you give soap? All jokes aside, there is another more serious issue with using soap.

An understanding of how the skin works may be handy now. The skin provides protection for the body’s stable internal environment by maintaining a microbial barrier that protects us from micro-organisms and a chemical barrier that protects from substances, both natural and synthetic, entering the body. The skin produces natural oils that help keep the skin supple and defend against harmful micro-organisms.

Soap can remove the skin’s layer of natural oils, causing the skin to dry out. Soaps have an alkaline pH which can strip away your skin’s natural protection. Ordinary soaps should be replaced with non-soap cleansers such as QV Gentle Wash. Ego’s soap free cleansers refresh your skin and are pH balanced so they are less likely to irritate your dry or sensitive skin. They help to maintain the skin’s natural protective properties.

Soaps should not be used on inflamed areas of the skin, as even so called “mild” soaps are alkaline and this may dry and irritate the skin. The skin has a slightly acidic pH and this slight acidity gives the skin its natural protection against bacteria and fungi. Soaps remove, for a time, this natural acid protection.


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