Uncovering Australia’s most trusted brands – QV Skincare a winner

May 25, 2017

Australia-most-trusted-brandsQV Skincare has been voted the winner of the 18th Annual Reader’s Digest Trusted Brands award in the category of Moisturiser. Australia’s Most Trusted Brands survey has been conducted with the aim of uncovering Australian attitudes on the most trustworthy professions, people and brands and is 100% voted by consumers.

In Australia and globally, Trusted Brands has become a signature event for Reader’s Digest and generates a huge amount of public interest and media coverage around the world. The survey is undertaken by one of the most well-recognised market research companies in Australia, Roy Morgan Research who survey a representative sample of 2,450 Australian adults on their most trusted brands.


Reader’s Digest state that ‘A trusted brand enjoys international appeal, yet at the same time upholds a strong local connection. It has individual relevance for all its consumers, just about anywhere and in any culture…Cost, quality and desirability are all important factors for consumers. Yet it’s vital for a brand to stay true to its promises. While brands come in and out of vogue, those that capture our attention, maintain our confidence and win over our trust do so by holding fast to their core principles.’

This rings particularly true for QV Skincare. As a family-owned, Australian brand, QV Skincare’s reputation has been built on over 40 years of dedication to provide its loyal customers with specialist, quality skincare. Originally developed for Melbourne’s Queen Victoria Hospital Dermatology Wards, the brand focuses on the science of healthy skin, and constantly has the customer at the heart of everything they create. Although expanding with large exports internationally, the brand remains true to its Australian heritage and continues to manufacture all of its products in Victoria. As this proud family legacy continues, QV aims to provide a trusted skincare solution for generations of Australians to come.


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