We asked, you answered! November 7, 2014

We asked, you answered!
Last month, we asked you to complete a survey telling us what you’d like to see in #EgoTestDrive, and the results are in!

requested product

Q1. If you could choose any Ego product to review for #EgoTestDrive, which would you choose?
The most requested product was QV Heel Balm, an effective blend of alpha hydroxy acid and rich moisturisers to revive the appearance of dry and cracked heels.
The Elucent Range was the second most requested product range, followed closely by a variety of SunSense sunscreens.


Q2. Why did you choose that product to sample and review for #EgoTestDrive?
With summer fast approaching, most respondents are looking to beautify their feet for sandal season. By exfoliating dead and dry skin, QV Feet Heel Balm will leave even rough feet feeling soft and smooth.
Others are looking for a great sunscreen for this summer, while some have just heard great things and want to try for themselves!


Q3. Do you follow @EgoSkincare on Instagram?
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If you answered that you would like to try a product from the AzClear Action range and you’re available to trial soon, please contact us at