DermAid Soft 1% Cream

DermAid Soft 1% Cream

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Specially formulated for sensitive skin, DermAid Soft 1% Cream & DermAid Soft 0.5% Cream provide temporary relief from dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis and minor skin irritations. Their gentle formulations contain dispersed hydrocortisone to provide effective temporary relief for affected areas.

• Suitable for sensitive skin.
• Temporary relief for itching and rashes arising from eczema, dermatitis, soap, detergent, cosmetics, jewellery and insect bites.
• Contains moisturisers to soothe dry, inflamed skin, helping to restore suppleness and hydration.
• Free of lanolin, paraben and chlorocresol to reduce the chance of sensitivity reactions.

Your pharmacists’s advice is required. Always read the label. Use only as directed. If symptoms persist please see your healthcare professional.

Do not use in the eyes.
Do not use on children under 2 years unless recommended by a doctor.
Do not use for acne.
Do not use under waterproof bandages or for more than 7 days unless recommended by a doctor.

Sizes Available
30g tube

Apply a small amount to affected skin 2 - 4 times daily. Cleanse with a soap alternative such as Pinetarsol as soap may irritate the skin.

Hydrocortisone 1% w/w (DermAid Soft 1% Cream)

Phenethyl alcohol 1.0% w/w (DermAid Soft 1% Cream).

Lanolin-free, paraben free, chlorocresol-free.

DermAid cream comes in two strengths, talk to your pharmacist about the best one for your needs.

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  • Anthony Apr 04 ,2015 at 11:54 pm


    I have a small patch of dry skin that won't go away using just moisturiser. I have started putting DermAid 1% on it. If it is stil dry 10 minutes after applying, can I put normal moisturiser on top? i.e. cetaphil?



  • Ego Pharmaceuticals Apr 07 ,2015 at 5:48 am

    Hi Anthony,

    You do not need to apply a moisturiser over the top of DermAid. We recommend against it, as we cannot know for certain what ingredients are used in other products that may or may not interact with the active ingredients in DermAid.

    Kind Regards,
    The Ego Team.

  • Jo Mar 27 ,2015 at 1:01 am

    I too find DermAid Soft 1% cream very effective for my dermatitis. Can you please tell me why I mustn't apply it to mu skin for more than 7 days?

  • Ego Pharmaceuticals Apr 07 ,2015 at 5:53 am

    Hi Jo,

    Topical cortisone preparations such as DermAid may be used for longer than 7 consecutive days if advised by your doctor or pharmacist. The 7 day warning is in place for patients who have self-selected this treatment; if no improvement is noted within 7 days, it is possible that a cortisone preparation is not appropriate for the skin condition being treated, and it would be best to consult with your pharmacist or doctor.

    Kind Regards,
    The Ego Team.

  • Ami Nov 09 ,2014 at 11:59 am

    Hi so ive had pretty bad eczema since newborn (Im 18 now) and i find that your products are very very good. Ive tried SOOOO many different types of creams ointments etc and i actually am so impressed with the results from Dermaid Soft %1.Seriously nothing compares. The company makes so many reliable and effective creams that Ive bought DermAid Soft O.5% and 1% DermAid cream 0.5% and 1% Egoderm Ointment and Egoderm Cream. I guess depending on the severity of my eczema i can choose the right cream for that given time which is really good. I find that if i want the cream to quickly sink in i use the purple Dermaid cream and its really fast and effective. The pink Soft Cream smells so bad and tends to rub off but in the long run is better and last longer. Overall though to all those readers out there minor irritations try the Egoderm cream or ointment Moderate try 0.5% cream Severe 1%. OH and make sure you dont put this one on your face

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DermAid Soft 1% Cream

Specially formulated for sensitive skin, DermAid Soft 1% Cream & DermAid Soft 0.5% Cream provide temporary relief from dermatitis, eczema,…

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