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11 September 2015 -


Business Type: Health Care

This area provides training tools and latest information about skincare and the skincare industry. Whether you’re a pharmacy assistant learning about the basics of healthy skin, or a doctor or pharmacist wanting to keep an eye on the latest innovations in skincare products, this is the area for you.

Helping prevent the spread of germs

Whether you’re in a hospital ward, emergency department or consulting clinic, protecting your patients and staff from germs is essential. We have hand hygiene for nursing stations designed to help prevent the spread of germs.

Look at the products we can help your company with.

  • Aqium Gel to kill germs

Skin Integrity

Maintaining skin integrity is Best Practice in Aged Care facilities.

We provide skincare products to help maintain the skin barrier to manage dry skin.

Preventing skin tears and skin drying or cracking can help to maintain skin integrity and improve overall productivity for nursing staff in your facility, as well as provide residents with a comfortable stay.

Avoid using skin care products with soaps, or fragrances and reduce exposure to hot baths and showers to help maintain skin integrity. Products that are pH balanced are also beneficial. Look at the products we can help your company with.

For more information on skin integrity, Click Here.

Skin Care & Treatment

Staff and patients within the healthcare sector are often exposed to bacterial and fungal germs. As you know these types of infections are well-recognised contributor to costly treatments and added staff hours. These risk factors can be reduced with early prevention protocols such as good skin hygiene and basic skin care. And if infections, like tinea or fungal infection occur treat them appropriately and quickly. Look at the products we can help your company with.